Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bicycle travelers, and girls who visit.

All sorts of people came to visit me in Kennett. My parents were hosts to my new friends.

A guy named Brett left California on his bicycle a few months ago. Today he made it within 16 miles of my parents' house. We've been in phone-txt contact for a few days, and when I learned of his location, I offered him a ride. I put a bicycle rack on my dad's SUV and drove out to retrieve him. I doubt I'll ever have any difficulty striking up a great conversation with a long distance bicycle traveler. It takes a certain mindset that I understand, and I covered a lot of the same terrain just barely a month ago. What a fucking cool guy.

I took Brett to my house where the Harne family could properly feed him and make him feel welcome. Among other amenities, this house has showers and beds. I know the feeling of really enjoying such things after a lot of bicycle riding.

This cool girl who I know dropped by right while all that was happening. She's pretty quickly becoming a regular visitor, and I hope this continues. Right now, I'd say it's working out well. We had some wine, and she actually said 'yes' to the idea of drinking tall warm beers in her car. Perfect! At this stage in life, I really want some more new friends. Ones who I can make out with. She spent the night, but didn't feel comfortable sticking around for breakfast. It would have been nice, but we snuck her right out the front door anyway.

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