Thursday, September 8, 2011

Floating West and making hummus.

7:21pm. After a day of work at the bicycle shop, I'm riding west with Kyler and Brian. We maintain a quick confident pace. Three bicycles, three sets of bar-end shifters. Three steel bicycles. Mine by far is the most cheap goofy and humble. A non-sentient extension of myself. We all have smart setups with character, logic, reliability and utility. We floated to the west, and I was happy to be in the short parade. Friends to commute with? What a novel idea.

Shelly and Arden took me out to the movies. It was an easy way to stay occupied as the fresh insanity of my mental state settles into something more secure and predictable. Shelly also showed me how she makes hummus. It's cheaper and easier than I remembered, and I'll never need a recipe.

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