Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spending time with a cool girl.

I'm in the shower. At 7:21pm I was showering.

I didn't have plans, and I don't feel like being alone. I'd like to do something every night. Drinking, knitting and playing with my phone is not enough. I want to go out or stay in with people. I need people. Bring them to me.

I texted Kristin and found out that tonight would be a good night. She's the cool girl I've been hanging out with. She has a cartoon blog, and apparently a bunch of other stuff going on. She played me some piano and sang to me. I wasn't stunned, but I'll use the word stunned anyway. She has an awesome voice, and she writes songs. I was impressed, and maybe a little bit stunned. Those lyrics. She's good.

I drove to her parents' house about ten miles from where my parents live. She lives there, and her parents were out of town. She poured drinks and fed me food. She showed me the flamingos with sunglasses she's been painting. Dozens of them. She painted my nails better and more radically than I've ever had them done. I asked her "hey! how did you get here?" She did not answer with a literal explanation. We slept in her bed.

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