Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nap time. Key West sleepy map.

I'm napping in my van. It was a late night, and early morning. I've been feeling the effects. So I crawled in my van and went to sleep. One positive thing about a good parking spot (ie: parents driveway) is that you can sleep with the side doors wide open. You get the benefits of sleeping outside, but you also get your own bed. I left the curtain up. I napped the same way in Key West in my #1 spot. That spot had a constant strong breeze, so even on a very hot day napping was not only possible, but highly enjoyable. Outside, in a bed-nest. That's fine sleeping. I slept for hours today.

The following is extremely valuable top secret information. This is where the cruise ships park near by, there's a porta potti, people fish, and I borrowed electricity to angle-grind my back seat out. It's a big gravel lot. Van dwelling golden map.

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