Monday, June 9, 2008

Sales, touring, boozy situations

I'm selling a red Panasonic bicycle that I got for free when I worked with 1-800-Got-Junk. I got several free bicycles, and I'm finally getting around to selling this one. All I had to do was inflate the tires, and adjust the front brake - and I got $80.

Right at 7:21, I was standing on the corner of 16th and Chestnut.

Minutes previous, I was headed into the city with a load of bicycles that I'd advertised on Craigslist earlier in the day. On the way in, I got a call from a girl who lived at 16th and Chestnut, and wanted to check one of them out. To more easily close the sale, I said I'd just drop it right off. As I was standing there, she called me from the opposite corner. I said "I'm the dude with the mohawk," and we waved. She brought her boyfriend, and we all chatted for several minutes, mostly about bicycle trips. Selling bicycles in Philadelphia is a good way to meet cool people. I never forged any lasting friendships, regrettably. Opportunity was surely presented. When selling a bicycle, it's nice to have something to instantly talk about. Bicycles. They need a bicycle, or need to know about one. I can handle that conversation all day. That's one thing I sorta miss about the full time Philly based bicycle business I was running for a time. It feels great to sell a bicycle. Every time I sell one, I get a significant profit. Motivation is the key factor in keeping me from getting more money and having real success at this. I have little motivation to get the bicycles and fix'em.

This moment, the sale and chat, is a turning point toward a highly enjoyable evening in contrast to the honestly kinda depressing day. Not anxiety - I was actually kinda depressed. I'm feeling more ready to start the bicycle journey now. This is good. I still haven't set a leaving date, but I'm wrapping things up around this area. Can't be too long. Bolted cranks onto the touring bicycle. I still need some last minute logistical stuff. I need to get all loaded up and look at my gear. Few more errands. Hopefully I'll feel some relief when I set out, along with the uncertainty that I know will be present. For now, I've given up coffee and soda (except in whiskey). Not buying and consuming this stuff is saving me money now - will save money on my tour - and will make me drink much more water, which is important. I didn't stop swilling booze. Booze always levels out when I just quit for a month or something like that. How and why I start drinking again is a little confusing. I quit for a month, and everything manages to get healthy and happy. Then, at some point, my mission is accomplished and I drink again. It goes back and forth. I'd "quit" for the bicycle tour, but I don't think that rule is necessary. I suspect consumption will just naturally dwindle from lack of convenience and interest. It's nice to seek out and participate in random boozy social situations, but I don't think I'm gonna get five random pints before looking for a place to lay my bivy sack.

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