Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vanning toward Philadelphia

After managing to sleep throughout large portions of the entire day, I'm finally moving. A thunderstorm was looking like it was about to kick in, and at the same time Nat Google chatted me that maybe I should head to Philadelphia. So that's what I'm up to. I'm listening to music off my newly reorganized iPod. The random tracks keep on being what I need to hear. Random Face to Face from some 7" included. My watch is beeping from the back of the van. It's not on my person, cause I jumped in a pool over at Shawn's last night, and my watch is still sitting around with all my wet clothes threatening to stink up the back. I've been getting very friendly with sharing my bud, so that's dwindling pretty quick. Lightning fast. I'm thinking I won't need it on my bicycle tour - and sharing is friendly. 40oz to Freedom played on random, and I felt like much less of a geek this time around. My van is big and boss, and I'm having a good time cruising to Philly.

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