Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Brooklyn

People are selling all kinds of shit on the street. It's a big floppy yard sale. I bought a big Barney head. Like a mascot costume - high quality shit. Barney the dinosaur. $5. I need more flair. We'll see how this unfolds. At this moment - 4:28pm on June 29th - I am happy. I don't know what is next, but I'm here right now, and I am happy.

An aside, an observation: this section of Brooklyn, at this point in time, is the location of an astounding number of beautiful tattooed females of my approximate age. I'm paralyzed. Cheeseburger tattoo? Really? Milkshake? Dude. Please talk to me. My guts are exploding. I don't feel like I'm tortured by loneliness, but that phrase was the first to come to mind - so while being less than accurate, it may hold some truth. I could use some love. Learning how to speak is right near the top of my to-do list.

This day gets even better. Matt has zero bucks, and I'm not trying to be a big spender. I'm in the mood to scavenge. We walked in the direction of somewhere else, and ended up going through McCarren Park. We heard live music. This is where they have the big pool concerts - I saw all kinds of Les Savy Fav footage on YouTube from here. We walked towards the music, and stopped off at some pizza boxes that were sitting beside a trash can. Fucking score. Free and very reasonably fresh slices of pizza. Salad pizza. Salad topping. Delicious. Free soda. Walking around to the entrance to the pool, where the shows are: apparently free show. A joy to watch. After the show I walked around looking for free booze. Found at least a shot of Jameson, and many many free beers.

At 7:21, we were sitting on a wall and I was a little drunk. Matt recognized the guy next to us as Ryan Dunn from Jackass. Notable, but I don't know that guy.

We wandered further toward sunset. There is a beautiful little park right on the water. It's fenced in and under slight construction, but there was a big gap in the fence and, at my count, 23 people. We sat on a bench. The cops showed up. We got free tickets to go to court. Motherfucking cops. My bad. Motherfuckers. They were the nice kind of cops. I'm not happy, but fair is fair.

It's a big hassle wondering if I can sleep inside. I'm ready to move on, surely. I need to write up a cue sheet to get me back to the ECGW. I want my money. It could take a minute to get my ass back on the path.

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