Thursday, June 12, 2008

Editing. And winning.

I'm editing complicated thoughts, and I eventually delete everything and quit.

(Since 7:21 wasn't interesting, here's something that happened about seven hours later.)

I'm gonna get her. (Shit! the chase is on). I'm two turns into my post-uptown-drinking bicycle loop. I'm on Cypress Street after leaning a hard turn to cut across from State St (the main drag). The streets are empty, and I fly down the middle taking all the space I want. I didn't slow much at all through the second turn, and leaned as far as 8 pints and an iPod playing Dredg would take me. I kept momentum as Cypress Street takes the form of a long incline heading back into town. Right after Wawa, I got some company. A big furry mass cut into the road ahead of me. A young deer with a spring in it's step, looking like it needed to be somewhere fast. When a cycler in spandex pulls a fancy move like this in front of me, I feel compelled to respond with speed. I goose it up a step. When this crazy agile deer appeared on the scene, my reaction was no different. She was running right up the middle of the street. With no further thought, I instinctively scooched into a good low-zippy gear and hit my pedals hard. It was directly after this that my mind was able to soak in the big picture. I'm chasing a mad fast deer up Cypress St. And gaining! We both sped up, but I was able to close the gap by at least ten feet. Given just a little bit more time, I'd be even. That's when the deer decided it was best to bow out. She cut into someones front yard, and stared at me as a rode away. Narrowly avoiding a flank slap and, as I imagine it, confused. It was nice to have some friendly competition on the street at around 2:15am. The burst took a lot out of me, and I used the rest of the incline to recover in a slightly lower gear.

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