Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cow pies, pizza pies

I'm taking the biggest nap possible. But when my watch beeps, that's about all I can fit in. I got only a couple hours of sleep, 'cause I was up drinking all night at Shawn's party. I assed out in my van for about two hours before I had to get up and go to work at 11. The sun was way up by the time I laid down. It was a damn good night. Brief and mild flirting got us invited along to pet enormous cows. That was a fucking masterpiece. As the sun is just asking to come up, we're tromping around with grocery bags tied to our feet, and getting introduced to holsteins on university property by girls in sexy shorts. And flipflops. Yikes on the flipflops, cause you could not take a shit-free step. There was a hose though, so fine.

This was my last day serving slices at the pizza job. I wasn't all there.
boss "Why is there no phone number or time on this delivery order." (oops?)
me "I checked Google. The number's listed." (okay?)
boss "Why didn't you take the number and time?" (blah blah blah)
me "Cause I'm super fucked up and tired." ('drop this right now' tone)

I really did leave on good terms. It really is a very easy job. It really does pay shit and isn't worth it.

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