Thursday, June 5, 2008

Family time

"Would you like another Flying Fish?"
"Please.." I responded. I said it like "of course."
"beep! beep!" my belt alarm sounded.

When it's something like that, I smile. A random moment - a definite thing - is captured. Not amazing itself, but an otherwise easily forgotten snapshot exists, and context surrounds it.

I was sitting at the head of a figure 8 of two huge tables in a private room at a restaurant called the "Elephant and Castle" in New Jersey. This is a big family get together, and the cast is more complete than I have seen in years. My uncle is visiting from England, and that completes the set of four siblings including my mom. Three sisters and a little brother - my uncle - who is in the states to see his daughter graduate from high school. Cousins are here too. Three out of three sisters who are the daughters of my aunt. Both out of both of the married cousins husbands were also there. And all four of their kids - a boy and a girl for each cousin-husband team. The kids are running batshit, and this is a private room, and that's great. This is nice. Stories are told, and overall it feels pretty solid. Some characters couldn't attend, but this is an impressive little reunion.

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