Friday, June 6, 2008

Anxious, remembering Mexico

I'm sitting around the table on the deck with my parents. Dinner time. We had subs. I've got that same general uncertain feeling. Like I took a deep breath, and I just keep holding it in. I've been constantly going from that shitty feeling to being so happy I just start laughing. Laughing in the vein of "how can things be so good?" Borderline anxiety to pure satisfaction. Same day.

We're sitting around this table, and I'm telling my folks about when I was in Mexico. They didn't know about this. Me and Nat and Shelly were there - not far from the border, driving just south of it, headed west. There was a big empty lake with dirt path access. No water, but mud as far as I could see, bordered by enough hard packed dirt to get a head start. Nat plowed right in, and entertained all of us by seeing how far he could skid sideways into the mud. Much wheel cutting, spinning and jackassery was achieved. That was a good time.

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