Sunday, May 1, 2016

No complaints about volume.

We drove from Hot Springs, ARkansas to Sallisaw, OKlahoma. Getting sleepy on the interstate is the best reason to stop here. We took a spot at the far reach of a Walmart parking lot. The "All Stays" RV app said this lot was friendly, and most folks who use that app carry a bath and kitchen sink. Our house takes up 100% of one single spot. We piss in a jug and keep a low enough profile. We use a lot of paper towels.

Parking at Walmart buys access to supplies and convenience. Rather than be creative, we sleep at Walmart when we’re passing through. Top off water; get some food.

I bought supplies. We heated quinoa and peas. I sat with two tall Clamato Buds and played songs off my phone through a tape deck adapter. Nobody complained about some volume.


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