Thursday, May 12, 2016


The library in Durango is among the best I've seen. Spacious, quiet, and full of outlets. Full of chairs. Comfortable chairs face the river and the mountains. Tables are available too, if you want to work on those.

I set up my Big Ol' Laptop, and set out to catch up on work. Repricing inventory is tedious, and I've been letting our pricing get stale. I spent four hours in the library clicking tiny links and typing in updates. My fingers became frozen in copy-paste mode. $9.95 / $8.95 / $6.95 / TAKEIT.

Mentally exhausted from a mere four hours of work, I set out on foot. I walked to downtown toward the $2 Colorado drafts. It took longer than expected for Kristin to meet me. I sat at the counter, and it went like this: Ska, Ska, Fat Tire, Ska, Ska, aaaaaand Skafuggit.

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