Monday, May 9, 2016

To Durango by way of Pagosa Springs, CO.

Northern New Mexico is a vast, open, and beautiful place. But once again, entering Colorado is like snapping awake from the foggy aftermath of a nap. Trees and green enter the mix quickly, as though they know the location of the state border. Sneaking in from below, we are entering Colorado from behind the front range. We are west of anything populous. We are headed to Durango.

We stopped in Pagosa Springs for a walk and gawk. Hot springs run below main street, and empty into pools near the center of town. A river runs through it. This is near to heaven, but the elevation is earthly at seven-thousand feet.

My anxiety was at work when we entered town, but by the time we drove away, I was relaxed. We stopped at Chimney Rock. CLOSED. The government owns everything, and then they close it most of the time. We parked and slept by the gate. We woke up and walked dogs on the locked side, and the landscape was ours.

By the time we reached Durango, most of the day was gone. I looked for parking in town, but decided a retreat to Walmart was the surest bet. We cooked a dinner and listened to songs.

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