Saturday, April 30, 2016

All I saw and said in Mississippi.

We drove through a misty Mississippi. A 12-year-old girl at Walmart sucked her thumb and stared me blankly in the face while I stood in line to exchange some okra for some without mold. Everybody is wearing sweatpants, and the only commerce is in the used tire trade.

"Gettin' Wasted...." declared a skinny old black man to answer an acquaintance, while paying for more strong beer. He explained further that he just sits home an' drinks.

"These bills been through somethin'" admired the cashier when it was my turn to make a purchase. I handed her two dollar bills that had soaked in soda for most of the time we were in New Orleans. They sat in the cup holder until they were discovered and dried. The cashier got the counterfeit money pen, and drew many lines while shaking her head.

"Those bills had soda spilled on them." I explained. "I only counterfeit fifties and hundreds." She was either amused by this, or it was pity by its plain self that I saw.

On to Arkansas...

We bought a few bags of books in Pine Bluff, and brought big beers to Hot Springs, AR.

34.524065,-93.036627   [NPS campground is worth the $10, and the creek has great skipping stones]

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