Saturday, May 7, 2016

Meeting a friend; a color and spice.

Success on all levels.

I took a peek in the library a couple days ago, and arrived today ready to buy books. There is a small Friends of the Library store near the entrance, and they are happy to accommodate dealers and middlemen. I made a bigger purchase personally than their entire previous book sale, and I left with more than the material weighing down my cloth bags.

I had time to talk with the store volunteer, whose name is a color and spice. She is older than dirt, her words, and we each had the time to confide. By the time I left, we were close enough for sincere hugs and well wishes. We knew a little bit about each other, and where the other stood and slept. We know where we are from, what we've found, and what we are still looking for. She extolled the virtues of Madrid to the south, and Chama to the north. I introduced her to Kristin, who was working on comics at a table by the reference section.

I have a feeling we are headed north. I want to know what lies between the rocks on the map.

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