Thursday, May 5, 2016

Time passes for all of us.

I have everything I dreamed of. I am immune to adversity. I am impervious to disaster. But sometimes us humans want more. Today I woke up, and I was already overwhelmed.

Dogs need to be walked, and books need to be bought. We need to maintain a moderate income, and a lack of on-foot exploration is practically abusive to the dogs and ourselves. We are awake and alive, and still I worry about more.

You can't drink wine at 7am, so you sit and stare while your heart beats harder; practically thunders under your smelly t-shirt. Plastic and cloth dangles and tangles the interior of the van. I can't take yes for an answer. I don't drink enough water, and it's a practical hassle to stand up.

We probably have about fifteen-hundred dollars in the bank, and some backup dollars in two more places. As we sell books, we get money from that too. But looking back, we bought and sold more books in 2015, and our sales have been slipping ever since.

I can't remember a better time and place. As far as money, there is enough. As far as a place, Santa Fe is great.

Deep breaths. Time passes for all of us.

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