Thursday, April 14, 2011 / day off / trip preparation


This shit is good! This day is really good. It's 69 degrees outside, and everything is alright.

I feel like I had a productive day. A productive day should be the norm, but for me it's more like a cause to rejoice.

I just clicked my cellphone and saw that it was 7:21pm.

Earlier today, I worked more with my GPS unit. I made a map with Google Maps, used a third party tool to convert the information into a .gpx file, and loaded that onto the unit. I'm not getting the exact turn-by-turn that I had pictured, but I think my imagination is picturing a functionality that doesn't quite exist.

In any case, I made it to the hardware store to get some denatured alcohol to use for camping stove fuel for the penny stove that I made. Then I rolled back home to make a base and a pot stand for the stove. The stove wasn't quite up to par. There's a leak that lets all the alcohol burn off too fast instead of simmering.

Instead of just fixing it, I went on the Rivendell website and bought the alcohol stove that they sell. It's a Trangia, and with the 3-day ship it set me back $45. I justified this by telling myself that I'm happy Rivendell exists and to support them can only be a good thing. (Unlike the new sneakers I purchased awhile ago, which were probably stitched by kids and sold by jerks, Rivendell makes sure to use 'fair trade' and explain where there products come from). It makes me feel less handy and more fickle, but I can mix that with the high esteem I grant myself in other departments and call it even. I'm excited to see the damn stove.

I also put a front Jandd rack on the QBP order at work, and it should arrive tomorrow. I could have used bailing wire to hold my camping gear to my handlebars, but I guess I'm on a buying-stuff kick. I'm also just joking about the bailing wire setup.

Continuing with bicycle trip preparation, I went through the required steps to re-instate my account. I was booted automatically for inactivity. For a person like me who feels that music is one of the most important things in life, I've really fallen off with keeping up to date with technology. The formats have changed, and I've been stuck in limbo. I have a nice iPod, but I don't want to use iTunes. Here I sit with the same music from 10 years ago on a tired iPod. (Hot Water Music? Really? Right now?) Now I can download almost anything that comes to mind. I need to do some more work to avoid iTunes and have more control over my music file organization, but I hope to have lots of new tracks available to play while I cross these grand "United States."

I found out late yesterday that I even had the day off today. The only change made to my plans was a taller pour of whiskey. Today's temperature confirmed for the ten-thousandth time that I have no business dealing with any type of cold weather. I've been a dead goddamned jackass for months.

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