Monday, April 4, 2011

Feelings of greatness. Today is great.

I got over the self doubt that I mentioned yesterday. I knew it would pass. I'm feeling better. I don't have an accurate life plan, but I'm not in the gutter and I'm taking steps toward self discovery and exploring options. That's good enough. In the big picture, it's even great.

It's 7:21pm and I'm sitting down on the rocks by the river. I'm by the Delaware River at Penn Treaty Park. The weather is beautiful. There is a warm breeze coming from the south, and sometimes a hint of marijuana smoke blows over with it. I have a bag of beers. I re-affixed my panniers to the rack on Tall Cool and loaded up some alcohol.

Nat's hanging out down here with his great new young dog. As my watch beeps, an attractive girl is walking away slowly with cigarettes in her back pocket. She is walking toward her dog after both of the dogs were successfully introduced. I have Four Loko and a 40oz Olde English. Then I have a nice Bud Ice for a light dessert.

Kyler was just here. (I don't know about injecting the names of people in this journal who don't know that I keep it, but I try to be good about it.) Kyler just got hired at the bicycle shop. I interviewed him for the job with a measure of awkwardness. I confirmed that I thought he was a good guy and we should hire him. Having me perform the final interview is a bit funny, because I tend to think the best of all humans unless they are extremely obviously terrible. He's not. Me and this guy have actually been getting along great, so I invited him down to the rocks for a beer since he had plans in this direct vicinity already.

This is a beautiful warm spring day. Sweatshirts are optional; shorts are mandatory. This day keeps being great.

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