Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brake pads and closing up the shop.

I'm putting free brake pads on our best customer's bicycle. No. I forgot that a customer is someone who has bought something at least once. I pulled the brake pads out of our trash box because they're better than what he had. His spent front brake pad scraped a deep groove in his rim, and he brought it here just in time to avoid serious damage.

Then I found a free orphaned pedal to replace the stick of metal that remained when his previous pedal disappeared. He did a quick pass with the Swiffer to show appreciation, and rode home on an improved machine.

We closed up the shop and opened up some tall beers. I sat on the workbench and talked to Tim for awhile. This is a great bicycle shop. I won't miss certain difficult aspects of the job, but this here is a great bicycle shop. I'm proud of everything I've done to help it get to this point, and I'm excited to see how it evolves under Shelly's leadership. I will miss many aspects of working here.

Me and Tim drink a couple beers. I set the alarm, and we walk out into a warm comfortable night.

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