Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shows in West Philly

I'm leaving tomorrow, but tonight there's a show.

I rode out to West Philly to hang out with Shelly. We sat on a bench on her porch. We talked for awhile, until it was time to go see Mike play a guitar. He pulled out a couple old Mini Band songs, and I was happy to hear them. I was a little bit lit, and I sang along to one from my chair. My voice was on that track of the CD, so why not here? No damn reason. I love that song. It was track two on the "Wander Around" EP. We always offered free downloads for every song, and Mike is still making that happen. ( It sure would be nice to re-unite some form of that band. I wish we never quit. Hey Mike - tell me why we don't start up Mini Band again? I'm up for whatever formations or instrumentation. I can also play the fuckin' drums.

In any case. Shelly got a text about Algernon Cadwallader being put on a show at the last minute only a few blocks away. Me and her and Tara went over there. I was already fairly goosed. We staked out a spot, and I took that opportunity to smoke mad hits just before they played. Those guys are always the best. Serendipity. What a lucky last minute occurrence.

I barely knew which way was straight when we left. I jammed my bicycle into Tara's car, and off we went.

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