Friday, April 1, 2011

Flipping my shit about taxes

Everyone I know got a much bigger return. What am I doing wrong? More importantly, taxes are one of the main things that get under my skin and make me want to disappear. I think I'm a reasonably capable human, and the simple act of filing taxes bends my mind and being. What about slightly less capable people? How can we ask them to file taxes, let alone get jobs and eat food?

None of these are good questions. None of this is a valid reason to get bent out of shape.

At 7:21pm, I'm bent way out of shape. I'm drinking Bud Ice and clicking through Turbo Tax like a tornado. I shouldn't get like this. I should be more calm. I'm acting a fool, and getting stirred up about how things should be different than the way they are. This is a dangerous game for someone who has always had it so easy. Balance, Christopher. Find balance.

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