Thursday, March 24, 2011

Riding the 1994 Giant Nutra home from work.

We are open later at work now since it's spring and we have more to do. We close up at 7 instead of 6pm. I didn't take a bicycle to work this morning, so I rode one home that I'd left there. It's a 1994 hybrid made by Giant and the model is the "Nutra" though I usually call it the "Nutria." It's a handsome bicycle if you have a strange taste in simple functional and comfortable machines. Handsome and understated.

This bicycle features northroad style handlebars that I rescued from an abandoned heap u-locked to a bicycle rack. The handlebars were the last functional scavenge-able part affixed to the smashed stomped and picked over frame. My position on this bicycle is close to bolt upright with the handlebars several inches about the saddle. It has friction shifters and a nice set of Mavic wheels built on tandem rims. What a great bicycle. I'm planning to give it to Dave soon, and I hope he's able to get some use and enjoyment out of it.

My watch beeped as I rode east on Girard. The weather turned cold again, and I am wearing a hat, gloves, and my wonderful North Face wind jacket.

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