Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm getting sick now.

Getting sick is a relatively rare event for me. This is the first time of the season, and all I want is to be able to pass time faster. I want to sleep until it goes away. At 7:21pm, I was in the kitchen hovering on two feet while Tara cooked food for us to eat. I waited until she was busy with the sink to pour the last bits of flavored vodka into a pint glass.

Whipped cream vodka tastes like cream soda when you mix it with Coke. I got a bottle for Tara, who expressed interest after learning about this drink from a friend. I drank most of it, then I quit drinking for about seven weeks. Now I'm standing in the kitchen pulling off some kind of sneaky pour to eliminate the remainder. The guy getting sick feels sheepish drinking something he knows won't help while his girlfriend cooks.

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