Thursday, March 17, 2011

Co-Worker Party. Quizmo ensues.

Tara took me to a party with co-workers at a bosses house. I drank at a good clip and got talkative enough. The next morning I woke up with a hangover. I don't remember a slew of the drinks that I allegedly poured for myself out of a vodka bottle. I introduced everyone to the game "quizmo." Quizmo is a nearly rule-less trivia game with a long history and tradition since I made it up about nine years ago. It's not Quizzo... it's Quizmo - which comes from the phrase "quiz me more." You ask a question, and the first person to get it right asks the next one. No points or anything. A good question would be one that anyone can answer, such as "name ten birds." You can say Big Bird or canary. You can go at it from any angle. A question starting with "name the actor who..." is also standard oft-used fare. There are other aspects of this game which make it run smoothly once the ball is rolling. I guide the game in a subtle manner until it takes off in it's own direction depending on who's playing and how drunk everyone is. Fortunately - Tara reports - I did not make an ass of myself, and the game went over quite well. I sort of remember that happening.

I felt like abysmal shit at work the next day.

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