Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bicycle Shop Craziness

It's Springtime. The bicycle shop where I work also just ran a successful promotion that put us deep into the weeds. The shop is backed up on tuneups by a month. We are taking appointments to get bicycles tuned up in a month.

This is not good policy, because a lot of people can't wait. We're turning down good money to work on the discounted tuneups that have swamped us. I've been running around like crazy and I think I feel more inundated than I realistically ought to. I feel more weight on my shoulders than there probably is. I'm keeping that stuff mentally in check to the best of my ability.

We will catch up on the tuneups eventually, and we have effective ammunition right now:

1) Hiring new people; one guy just started.
2) New workstation downstairs for all-day uninterrupted tuneups.
3) Working Mondays while the store is closed.

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