Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fours and 40 Ounces

I had a Four Loko a little bit ago. It was the lemonade flavor - new recipe with slightly less insanity, but the same 12% alc content. Now I'm drinking a forty.

A fun thing happened today concerning 40s. I wear a Mickey's Malt Liquor cap at work ("Get Stung.") A customer about my age complimented it, and showed me that he was wearing a t-shirt from We talked about 40 ounce beers, and he suggested I go to the site. I assured him that I'd already been, and I was quite familiar with it. He's friends with the creator. We talked more about funny or collectible 40's, and he told me about his collection including some early 64oz Colt 45 bottles. Good times, indeed.

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