Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 7, 2007

I'm in the Mazda in the driveway of my parents house. I just spent 42 minutes up the street, pulled over, on the phone answering questions for an interview with the Pottstown Mercury. The interview was about Truck House, minimalist ideas, and consumerism and stuff like that. There were a few points that could end up classic in print, or I could be made to look pretty foolish. Either way, it's 7:21 and that interview left my cell phone battery on the last notch. I'm cussing about not being able to find my charging cable, and how I hope I can find it fast. I'm trying to get going, 'cause I'm hanging out with Josh again, who I just met through Craigslist. I said I'd be there before 7. I'll call him after I get my charging cable, which is very easy to locate because it happens to be sitting right inside the garage on some of my Truck House shit that's cluttering everything up and probably getting on someone's nerves a little.

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