Monday, November 12, 2007

Dinosaur Jr.

I'm sitting in the Mazda on Brandywine Ave. in West Chester right at Barnard St. I'm parked and getting ready to walk up to Julia and Jennie's place. I'm listening to the album 'Whatever's Cool With Me' and the song 'Quicksand.' I'm belting it out pretty loud and asinine with my vocals when I notice the car clock says 7:21. That makes it interesting while I still kinda continue to belt out vocals while looking at my watch a few times until it is the 'official' 7:21 which counts. That time quickly comes, and I hit the button to stop the beeping, get out of the car, and keep listening while I walk the bunch of blocks up to the place. I park down here 'cause that's just where I park. There are closer spots, but it feels better down here, and gives me a little outside walking time. The spot is next to Everhart Park. I love this park.

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