Sunday, November 11, 2007

$1,184.60 / drugs / stolen shit

I'm sitting at my desk in the upstairs back room at my parents house (my room for now). It isn't a desk. It's a card table with a ton of bullshit all over it. I've seen 7:21 creeping up for at least 45 minutes. I'm working on moving the whole project over to a blogger blog, so I can post from anywhere with the internet. I'm moving over all of the past entries, and I've even gone back to move some of the original entries that I made before quitting for a long period of time. I'll be happy to have everything in the same place in the same format.

Let me tell you what's on this card table. A folder on information about truck driving school. My computer tower and all that shit. A pint glass that I stole from the Half Moon saloon last night right in front of my parents, and I don't think they noticed. We joked about it, and I did say I was going to steal it. They'll think that's funny at Christmas when I give it to Cathy as a gift. She likes pint glasses, and gets them from all over. Also on this table is a mug that I swiped from the Waffle House when Shelly and I went to Scranton awhile ago. I have the DVD "the Game" that I'm borrowing from Jennie. There's the empty box that my awesome-ass 80gig iPod came in. There's two empty glasses that had water. There's a caffeine free diet coke can that I mixed with booze plenty of days or weeks ago. There's 5 regular empty coke cans on the windowsill to my right. I have a coffee can that I'm stashing my illicit drugs in. It's a pretty lousy hiding place. By drugs, I just mean weed. About 1/388th of a gram at this point. Don't arrest me. There's also loose change and 30 Canadian bucks in the coffee can. There's a deposit receipt from my credit union for a $1,184.60 check that is a refund for part of an insurance policy that I got when I started the official "Chris Harne's Bicycle Business" to get a wholesale parts account. Apparently they sent a check a long time ago that I never cashed. So they sent a new one very recently. I don't know how I let that sum of money slip by - like 10% of my average annual income. I'll chalk it up to being awesome. I have fingernail clippers that I owe to Nat from a long time ago, and haven't remembered to return, which makes me a dick since he brought it up at least a few times. There's other shit too, but you get the idea.

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