Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big plan camera man

I'm sitting on the love seat in the living room at my folks' with the news in the background. My mom is at her spot on the adjacent couch, 90 degrees and four couch-squares away. I've just gotten a little ranty to my mom about how bullshitty the news always is. What happened right before the watch beeped is me taking a picture of my mom. I'm using her awesome digital camera. I'm testing around with it to see about getting some pictures of me painting the inside room of Truck House. She agreed to take some pictures, in spite of the fact that I know she doesn't like the truck or especially the idea of me living in it. I just told her I'm moving down to Key West in two weeks. She thinks college is a better idea, but I'm going to operate a bicycle taxi in Key West instead. I'll be down there while it's cold up here, then move back when it's too hot down there - in time for it to be warming up and beautiful around here again. I was only thinking about it before, but today it's a done deal. I talked to the guy, and if I'm down there, I get a job. I'm not wading around through a landfill all winter. I'm just about done with that. Now it's time to make more money in a better climate doing something way more fun. Reasonable! Awesome!

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