Thursday, April 28, 2016

Getting Adderall While Traveling: An Impossible Task?

Small tasks stand like mighty giants before me. Adderall helps me slay giants with a magical sword. I thank the lord.

I took our van to a Midas for a timely oil change and a gander at the AC. The air conditioning is blowing hot, and that is Not Optimal for the road ahead. I've had good luck at Midas elsewhere, so I keep going to them.

The air blows cold now. All it took was some money.

Our paychecks have been slowly drying up. Spending is beating income most every single day. The vandwelling experiment is in a slow spiral dive, and like a good pilot knows, a spiral dive doesn't feel like an imminent crash. But we need to pull up the nose.

With the object of success in mind, we got to work combing our aging book inventory. The task was daunting, but trimming the weeds was a must.

Let me talk about pills. 

I took one half of an Adderall, and the work went fine. After such a long break, my tolerance was gone. I could have groomed a poodle and cooked a steak dinner concurrent with the droll work of repricing books and mailing about a thousand duds to a deep pit in hell.

I have an Adderall stockpile, but it won't last forever. Knowing that I would be leaving Pennsylvania, I hinted that a larger dose would be better. I was blessed with a prescription for 10mg twice per day. That's 20mg per day; 60 pills per month. If I don't take it regularly, I can benefit greatly from only 5mg. So I have what's left in the bottle, plus sixty more pills back home. If I run low, I can have my helpful parents mail me more to General Delivery c/o Chris Harne wherever I am or will be.

Getting Adderall on the Road: An Impossible Task?

Why can't I get more Adderall on the road? Explaining this real problem makes me angry every time...

Health Insurance: To see a new doctor, I must first change my "Primary Care Provider" to the new doctor or else the visit will not be covered. So even if I only want to see the doctor one single time, I must first change my "PCP." Then, since I'm traveling, I have to change it back when I'm done. This takes two rounds of absolute phone hell. Worse: you won't know you need to do this until you screw it up once.

Doctors: How can I be sure a doctor will be willing to prescribe me Adderall after only seeing me one time? Adderall is a controlled substance, and many doctors treat it like you're trying to order an 8-ball. But I can't figure that out unless I make them my "Primary Care Provider" first.

I have already screwed all of this up once, and that's why I kept the same doctor even though it meant driving over an hour to get to her. It's not like there aren't doctors in Philly. The whole process gave me a real live breakdown with cussing, yelling, and crying.

Refills: Adderall is a controlled substance, and you cannot get refills. A new script must be written every time.

In Conclusion: For certain simple tasks, I am likely to become overwhelmed, enraged, or simply ignore it forever. (Paying bills is like that. I still owe the IRS for 2014.) A short to-do list will do me in. But there is a magic fix, and it is a stimulant. A tiny little stimulant will calm me down, and turn a twisted trainwreck into a simple paint-by-numbers. However, since the USA has a tendency to want to step all over my balls, I've decided to move into a van and try to focus on frying smaller fish. As it is now, I won't need to revisit this Adderall issue for maybe 5-6 months.

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