Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Swamp tours and catfish food.

Boat tour. Bayou boat tour. The aluminum boat looked like it was welded by a drunk or a novice. The price was right - Ian and Sarah got a coupon discount. The rain banged down just enough to keep the temperature comfortable. In fact, aside from sitting across from the most irritating girl in America, I think we all had a fantastic time. 

I got to hold a baby alligator. The boat operator tossed out marshmallows to entice the alligators to come and visit. Eventually, he explained the difference between Cajun and Creole. He loves the swamp. I was mostly convinced that I should to. But I'm only here for a gawk and squawk. I have other matters to attend to. 

Eating catfish. Twice now, I've had some catfish, and I'd have some more any time. A catfish po' boy at a bar that spills out onto a sidewalk - now I'm living the dream.

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