Friday, April 29, 2016

Up into Mississippi, G...

We finally left New Orleans. We loaded up the whole yard sale of crap that's been clogging up the guest room at Ian and Sarah's place. I'm hoping we didn't overstay our welcome, but in my heart I feel sure that we were at least kicking dirt at the demarcation. I value these friends, and I'd like to see them again one day. In any case, the road was calling, and the voice was getting louder.

We rearranged everything, and got rid of slightly more. The goal now is to have short days of driving, and fill the rest of our time with productive and enjoyable activity.

We drove four hours north and cooked dinner outside an Auto Zone / Walmart.

33.472672,-89.736278  [Fine place to sleep. Okra pickles and spaghetti available in store.]

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