Monday, October 3, 2011

What's in this for me?

Knee-high rainbow socks and a black crinkled cowboy hat. Colorful flair. My fashion is contrived, and personally I find this immensely enjoyable. I'm tripped out. I slipped off the plane of reality a little bit ago.  Years ago? I'm clinging to the edges, and if I let go I wonder what would happen. I would remain standing.

"What's in this for you?"

It's a valid question. I'm having fun playing around, but my penis isn't doing what it's supposed to. I'm drunk and nervous about new sex. An average of twice a day for a couple years was nice. Now I'm figuring it all out again.

What's in this for me? New friends with quirky silliness. Human connection. I'm lonely, and this helps. I like to smile, and this helps. This is wonderful.

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