Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roommates, Neighbors, Good Intentions.

My life is getting more fucking awesome these days. I'm officially renting my room now, and it makes me more comfortable hanging out in the kitchen. People in this house are all awesome, and we all sit around in the kitchen. We drink and smoke some. Everyone here knows how to crochet, and there's a box of yarn and hats. There are many records, and music is usually folded into the deal.

We're listening to the shit Dr. Dog is working on in the studio. This girl Dre is recording with the same engineer, and we're listening to the shit she's working on too. It's fantastic. Dre's boyfriend, Forrest, is living here. He has ridiculous marijuana, and it's nice to get the giggles. It's been awhile.

I texted Becky. That's the girl I think I weirded out last night. That's the girl across the street. I asked if she wanted to walk over to my friend Kyler's to watch him throw yeast in a bucket of cider. Becky just moved to Philly and I thought she might like to meet new people. She confirmed once again that she wanted no physical relationship. Confirmed. Jesus. I assured her that I wasn't heavily invested after only hanging out for a few hours.

She invited me over for food. Plan B was to drink wine and starve to death, so I was happy to accept the invitation. I met some of her friends. I met some of her roommates. It's a great communal house, and I had a nice time drinking too much

It's a shame my intentions need to be cleared up about a thousand times. I am an extremely harmless loaf of bread. We talked more about this on the porch. I think most people would decide to stop trying to hang out at this point, but for some reason I have a desire to bother her via text message. If everyone can stop being strange for a minute, I think we'll all get along well. The extent of my intention is basically to just get a tofu hoagie and sit around on a porch sometimes. Maybe crochet some shit.

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