Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another First Date.

Another OkCupid date. She messaged me, and based on her profile I was excited to meet. She was smart and concise. She offered to teach me how to crochet. She claimed it was easier and more fun than knitting, and I thought it sounded like a fantastic idea.

I confirmed through text that a bottle of wine would be a good idea.

I knew she lived close, but when she gave me her address, I had to ask for it again. I told her I'd be there sooner than she thought. I walked out my front door, stepped off the porch, crossed the street, and made a bird noise to alert her that her date had arrived.

I had wine, and she had a platter with cheese and crackers. Add a porch swing, and the situation was ideal. No crochet was mentioned, and we talked for a couple hours. She's cute, she's young, she likes performance art. She's not boring or dull or normal.

I convinced her to follow me across the street to listen to music and maybe crochet. I didn't get the hang of crochet too well, but I did manage to find the courage to make a move. We kissed for awhile, and it was nice. Nice and friendly. She told me she didn't want a relationship, and this caused me to laugh. She told me she wouldn't resist me taking things further, but I can tell the difference between permission and desire.

We laid on my bed and we stared at each other. I looked her right in the eyes, and I think it made her nervous. I burst out laughing several times, and she claimed I was extremely silly. I thanked her for the compliment. I don't think she expected to drink wine and have some colorful older guy put his paws on her. I was happy to have a nice time. You can sign me up for a new friend across the street any time.

I walked her to the front door, and allowed her to escape to safety on her side of the street.

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