Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Apartment; Great People; Crochet

I didn't get up until nearly 2pm. I kept sleeping and staying under the blanket. I looked out my large picture window at a rainy day and the tops of trees swaying in the mist. The cool air in my bedroom had me folding my blanket over my feet like and envelope.

"Hey Buddy!"

As I emerged from my lair (I really am renting an entire lair), I was greeted warmly by Scott's lady friend Gowa. My house has a constant revolving cast of friendly characters. She's traveled and lived out of cars. She's from Nashville now. She's built a wigwam hidden and buried deep in a huge park there. She grew up on a reservation. She's done stuff. We sat and talked, and it underscored that I'm paying rent at the right place.

I spent the time it takes to get comfortable with crochet. Two huge coffees at Satellite, and several hours at home. I stayed up late and was practically sober for once as I listened to new music and crocheted a respectable looking square with orange yarn. I need plenty of practice, of course, but this was progress. Somewhat of a breakthrough.

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