Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dubstep, Life, and Trikes

I spent plenty of time sorting out my music collection. It's all digital, and it's a sorry state of affairs. I have a ton of music. Some of it I don't like, and some of it I don't know. There is a disproportionate amount that I know and love. I'm finding new music all the time, and I'm trying to organize myself so I can find and listen to more new tunes.

I don't have the internet at my apartment. I wanted it before, but now I don't. I listen to music, play with yarn, write in a notebook, and read books. I drink gallons of wine and fill my room with every sort of empties. This is as good a time as any in my life. By that I mean that I am happy. I have the best room, fantastic roommates, and sometimes Kristin comes over to eat soup until it's time to snore.

It's 7:21pm, though. And I'm in Kennett Square. Kristin won't be over for another hour, and there will be no snoring tonight. There will be some drinking and music. Dubstep. I downloaded hours of dubstep along with other curious new items.

The girl left early. By that I mean late. I cruised my three-wheeled conveyance to the bar and parked it in the middle of the sidewalk. I sat with just about nobody until it was time to dubstep the trike down the middle of an empty road.

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