Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking refuge in Sheridan Lake Colorado

The church where I spent the day mentally returning to normal was located in Sheridan Lake. From what I saw, most of the structures in this town lack windows or doors. It looks like a ghost town, but has a big immaculate church. Population 84.

I was the first one there, arriving by pickup truck about an hour after dawn. After sleeping face down on my sweatshirt for an hour, I got up and started to poke around. I ate a stale brownie from the fridge, and brewed some coffee for lack of anything better to do. I drank a couple Pepsi's and took some Oreo cookies. I sat in a huge recliner with a book and fell asleep for a couple hours before I heard the sound of a know-it-all cyclist arriving to seek refuge.

Other cyclists from the ACA group filtered in over the next several hours. A wifi connection and some electricity allowed me to spend time planning my off-route trip to Denver. I programmed some routes and put them on my GPS. I read books. I wasted the day while the winds whipped around outside and rain fell for most of the day.

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