Sunday, June 26, 2011

Porch Party in Manitou Springs

Today was lazy as hell. I'm definitely losing track of remembering what a bicycle is or why I'd be going anywhere on one.

I basically goofed around all day until it was time to go to the next town over for a party. Every Sunday a girl has a party at her nice house in Manitou Springs. The Spinto Band came on from the iPod in the middle of a beer pong game, and Blake was like "yo, Chris!" The people I'm staying with know more about Philly bands than I do. But I've met people who they would love to me. Philadelphia is a novelty, and there are chants of "flip! flip! flipadlephia!" They watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, too.

I had a great time. Once I finally had enough beer, that is. Upon arrival at the party I was distinctly less relaxed.

I decided I have a choice: Either ride to the summit of Pike's Peak, or ride toward Denver. It's time to move on.

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