Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lazy day in Colorado Springs

I had the day off in Colorado Springs. I did my usual day-off routine. I went to a coffee shop and turned it into my living room for a matter of hours. I ate a sandwich and laid down in the park.

I have less than $2000 left. It's time to slow down the money flowing out of my wallet. It takes discipline. I cooked up some spaghetti that I've been hauling around for over a week. For lack of any other available options, I sprayed PAM olive oil on the noodles and sprinkled on some salt. That worked fine.

Then I bought beer, and left a little bit later to get more beer.

The guys I'm staying with are young and laid back. They like music, and are familiar with an astonishing number of artists. We're listening to plenty of music and talking about it. I'm welcome to sit around and sleep here for another night. Seems likely to happen.

I have a few days to kill before Tara shows up in Denver. At that point I will try to sort out what the hell I'm doing. I'm putting that off for now. My stuff needs to be cleaned, and I need to remind myself that I'm trying to ride a bicycle somewhere. It's easy to lose sight of the reason I am in Colorado with a bicycle.

Colorado Springs seems like a good place to live in a van. I think Colorado is on the list of places where living in a van would be extra easy.

Nobody brought up that drinking contest again after last night. That definitely saved somebody from getting hurt.

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