Monday, June 6, 2011

Rest day at BMXJoe's house.

Yup - definitely needed a rest day. It was another hot bastard today, and I was up at 7am. Before breakfast was over, Matt had a call from a Warmshowers host called BMXJoe. We were welcome to stay, and I was happy we'd be doing that. Stuart and Nick and I chose to stay at Joe's place; Matt decided on a cheap hotel.

Joe's roommate is permanently stoned, but highly physically active and healthy. I've seen this type before. To Joe's embarrassment, the first question was "how's the weed in Philly?" I told him it's about the same as anywhere else that can get FedEx from California. Then he referred to me as "Philly" and said that he knew I wanted a hit. It was the middle of a hot day and I was planning to hang out with people who I barely knew. Weed was pretty far down on the list of stuff I felt like dealing with. I said maybe later.

I was happy to have a low key day. Joe took me and Stuart out to an old 1930's lodge for endless plates of fried chicken and fixin's. It started to get funny to see how many times Stuart got the waiter to return with more chicken.

On the way home we got 40s, and back at home I had the opportunity to get ridiculous with Joe's roommate's vaporizer. I'd call the entire day a win.

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