Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easy ride to Pueblo

I went to the library in Ordway, Colorado to use the wifi connection to seek out couchsurfing hosts in Pueblo. I was happy to see that Nick and Stuart had signed the guestbook five days earlier.

The riding was pleasant. Another cyclist bought me lunch, and we split a fried Snickers bar and four fried Oreo cookies.

A pot-addled veteran flagged me down and spent a lot of my time in Boone. I couldn't figure out what of what he said was true. He did have a passport from Uganda, and he was probably in the army a long time ago. I extracted myself from that situation.

I found a nice Carhartt cap on the side of the road. I adopted my aerodynamic northroad position and cruised the remaining miles into Pueblo.

I checked my phone, and was elated to learn that one of my couchsurfing requests had been accepted. I have been moving quickly, and now I need to waste some time. Tara is flying into Denver on the 30th, and I need to drag my feet so I don't get there too fast. I will be spending a rest day in Pueblo. I will have a slew of rest days in Denver.

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