Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ha ha! I'm not going anywhere. Day 3?

I didn't feel like going anywhere, so I didn't. Rest is smart enough, and technically I have forever to take this trip. All of my ties are thoroughly severed with Philadelphia. I decided last night that I wasn't ready to continue. Then I stayed up until 3am watching an American Experience series on my laptop.

Today was full of more preparation. I printed out more sheets of directions. I secured a place to sleep tomorrow night (if my legs can get me all the way to Baltimore), and I ate cheeseburgers with my parents.

Boy do I ever procrastinate. This last minute preparation is like the bicycle touring version of cramming for a test. I never studied for tests; I passed high school with a loafy 2.0 GPA. Hopefully I can successfully loaf across America too.

Back to bicycle touring. What's the point? Hopefully I can start to answer that tomorrow. I have a long day planned. If 47 miles hurt on Sunday, then I hope 77 miles feels alright tomorrow. After that? Short days and some rest are on the "schedule."


Anonymous said...

Im just south of Baltimore. wondeering about the route you took from K S pa.

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Here's the route: http://tinyurl.com/ksq-annapls

Just wondering - how did you find my blog?

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Also - if you saw a cyclist with a sign requesting free beer, would you comply? I ask this because I might just drop everything and ride around in search of free beer. But I don't know if this career choice is viable.

Anonymous said...

Chris found your blog back when you were van dwelling in Fl. followed you thru the various blogs you started. bicycle trip to Canada, van trip to Portland, etc.as for the beer sign, sure I'd up a few to a fellow cyclist, esp. a touring cyclist. I prefer to get my miles in then hit the beer, nothing better. Ive done many miles but never toured. it's on my bucket list though.will you be staying in Annapolis or Baltimore ? Id like to read your packing list & equiptment you're carrying. when ever I plan my bicycle tour Im going town to town for beer reasons. I'll keep a flask of crown royal packed just in case I cant get to some beer :)

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

I have a host lined up in Baltimore, and I have friends to visit in Annapolis. After that, I have family in Vienna, VA. The first night that I will be sleeping outside is after that - about half way between Vienna and Charlottesville. By then it should be sparse and easy. I will be sleeping where there are trees, and finding hosts where I can arrange it.

More about the beer/sign thing: I routinely buy people booze if they're asking, and I'm always one to share alcohol and pot if I have it. I think of this as a sort of "paying into the system." I've been generous enough to not feel bad if I ask. I've been itching to make a sign, but it makes me uncomfortable asking for cash. I am reasonably high up on the list of people who are financially sound through personal effort. And I also have a wide safety net if there were an emergency.

I agree that I like beer after the ride - but I don't mind sneaking one in mid-day in the park. Always a tall one if beer is on the menu.

My list of camping gear will come later. I've read a lot of touring diaries where people talk incessantly about equipment and mileage. I'm trying to avoid getting bogged down in the rote daily activity, and focus more on articulating thoughts and describing interactions. I'm making a concerted effort here. We'll see.

It makes me happy that you're following this shit. Pass it along if you know people who might like what I type. It's mostly for future-me, but I do like readers as well.