Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fours and Futures: a beautiful day in Annapolis

It couldn't be a more beautiful day. No small change in detail could make this weather even the slightest bit better. Nick and Lael and I rode around on an errand run, and my bicycle feels nimble and as light as a feather without the copious amount of gear and electronics I've been schlepping around. We cruised around Annapolis; friction shifting, platform pedals, leather saddles. We cruised easily with confidence, and this is what everyone who doesn't ride bicycles is missing. I couldn't live without these times.

We stopped by Parole Liquors for some Four Loko and a nasty 40oz beer. Uh huh. Lael had to work, but me an Nick made it to the woods later overlooking the water. We had our first meeting about the component business we're going to start. We discussed a couple designs that don't exist, but should. The ideas have a niche market, and we're both confident of success if the components can be made affordably and to a high standard. More about that shit later.

We had our extremely important meeting about this future endevor while drinking Four from a mug until the mosquitos got word. Then we exited the park and dropped in on Lael at work. She's a server. She served us lots of beer and a gourmet pizza while we sat on a patio getting further and further goosed. Nick's friend from VO joined us, and I told him how much he was wrong about properly adjusting an AW hub. Then we cruised back to the apartment, and I took a sideways detour into some gravel and split my palm open a little.

It was a rad night. I listened to some of the new tunes on my iPod, and so far I'm impressed. I stayed up until 4am when Lael finally got back into the house. Then I slept.