Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ankles, Electronics / Chili Dogs, Cheeseburgers

This is a day off. We all went to the Vienna Inn for chili dogs, and I could barely get one foot in front of the other in the parking lot. I gave my achillies tendons the business yesterday. It wasn't smart, and now they're sqawking at me. I hinted gently that I might be interested in staying, and I was made to feel welcome for another day.

I messed with my netbook and tried to get familiar with it. I've had this little computer for awhile, but for most of that time it's only job was to play music at the bicycle shop. Today I got cooking. The netbook uses the Ubuntu operating system, and though it's easy, it's not exactly like the Windows XP I'm used to.

It took some time to make it operate more like my big laptop at home. I figured out how to finagle some 3rd party voodoo to save map code text generated by Google Maps, and save that so it can be planted on my GPS. To my surprise, it actually worked purdy good.

At 7:21pm, I was sitting outside with a beer and our whole group was enjoying delicious cheeseburgers. I tried to keep and eye on filling my pint glass too many times. I didn't want to become a floppy-wristed democrat. I am a silly, silly person at heart. Experience has taught me when to mix it with some stoicism. I never mind a difference of opinion, but sometimes I don't want to squawk out every single one I have. That is where more beer will never help.

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