Sunday, May 15, 2011

Charlottesville Continues: horsing around.

I had another low-key rest day. Charlottesville is a nice place once you can stash your gear somewhere and set out on foot for a change. I spent the afternoon reading and drinking coffee. I'm nearly finished with "A Walk In The Woods," and once again I have to point out that this is a wonderful book. If you have the most passing interest in the Appalacian Trail, or even just know what a tent is - this book is for you. I promise you'll think it's worth the effort of getting a copy. I dodged yet more rain at Java Java down on the pedestrian mall.

I've been sleeping in an attic. The attic of the house where these guys live is a great hang-out zone. There are a couple couches, and open windows on either side. The weather has been perfect for sleeping up there, and I was happy to be spending another night.

Later on there was a fun little psychedelic gathering. The third roommate, Ben, had some people over and the attic was transformed into a party room for the small gathering. A black light, a laser machine, a Thievery Coroporation album, and some beer and weed. I had a good time continuing to talk too much. I was happy with the festivities, but didn't want much to do with shooting BB guns out the window or throwing rocks at passing freight train cars. Those days are securely behind me, I'm afraid. I just read some more of my great book.

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