Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 4 (if you can call it that)

I've been sleeping out in my van. It's parked in the driveway at my parents house. I have a nice bed out there, and I feel at home sleeping there. I feel like I am sleeping in my home. Truly.

I woke up this morning to rain tapping on the roof. It was soothing, but I hoped it would soon stop. Ten o'clock came, and the gentle rain continued to fall. The temperature was in the 50's. I had a decision to make.

Fortunately, I think my host in Baltimore is going to be a good find. She quickly emailed me back and said that the next day would be fine. In fact, there might be dinner because she has a boat thing going on. I'll certainly know more about that tomorrow.

How did I find a host? I'll answer that. There is an established international network of touring cyclists. People sign up at the website and offer to host people who are traveling through their area. If you are familiar with, it's like that - except it's a little bit tighter knit because it's just touring cyclists. I emailed 4 people in Baltimore through the website, and my host was the first to respond. She's very quick with the email. I dare you to tell me how technology isn't great.

I went out for wings and beers with family. It was just the Harnes. Just the original four of us.


Anonymous said...

hey Chris ,did you make it to Balto. Md ?

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Yup - I'm in Vienna VA right now. Came straight from Annapolis, and just about destroyed both achilles tendons in the process.

I haven't had many internets along the way, so I'm saving up the details in a notebook to compile later. Right now I can barely walk properly, and I'm hoping it's better tomorrow.

ray said...

damn Chris, you're coverng some serious ground ! slow down & enjoy the time.