Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wine tasting

Matt Klopp ran into my friend Jennie at Fennario in West Chester. She works at a wine tasting establishment a couple blocks from there, and told Matt to stop back in later. Matt brought me over there. We tasted some wines and talked to Jennie. There were two very attractive girls in there spending money and tasting all the wines. Jennie told them I just got back from a bicycle trip, and after learning the details, they seemed to think I was awesome. I wondered what they would have thought if they saw me crawling out of the woods on any given one of those mornings. Probably not awesome! They seemed amusingly high maintenance in speech and actions. To be fair, who knows what it takes to "maintain" them - but I picture the supplies and effort being substantial. Not crackers and water. Caviar and soda pop. They bought a fancy velcro wine-cooling ice pack. Can velcro be fancy? It can try.

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